Poisonous vaccines - mechanism of toxicity and detoxification.


As some of you probably know healthy brain is like a clean sponge which is constantly supplied by flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. When the sponge becomes dirty with resins, polyesters, cross-linked hydroxy acids, drying oils or crystalline cellulose dust - the flow is limited, neurons are choked and the brains hormonal, cognitive and other functions deteriorate.

Vaccines are "preserved" with liquid precursors of resins and polyesters - succinic and maleic (not malic!) acids or their salts: succinates and maleinates. Both are well known components of natural resins and can also be obtained synthetically. These liquid compounds cross-link in contact with lactic acid normally present in tissues thus forming solid deposits which damages nerve tissue. Lactic acid is widely known and used as a resin hardener.
The more lactic acid there is in tissues - the bigger damage the resin injected with vaccine will cause. This is why kids who are tired during or days after vaccination (have more lactic acid in tissues) have much more severe neural damages. 

People with medical background are confused (basically stunned) by the fact that succinic acid allegedly occurs associated with enzymes in mitochondria (Krebs cycle) - which for these ignorants means that succinic acid is also safe throughout the body (interiors of cells and extracellular space). The absurdity of this medical pseudo logic is similar to the idea that the sand in the gearbox of a car is safe and healthy for it as it is safe when it is transported by car or the knife in the stomach is safe and healthy as it is harmless in a kitchen drawer.

How medical "professionals" were deceived to assume that resin poisons are normal and safe: how pharma fooled medical "professionals" 

Resin precursors are ofted hidden in the composition of vaccines as additional substances - for example tiomersal which is known for its mercury slight toxicity often contains maleic/succinic acid as undisclosed ingredient.

Since ancient times pharma was only poisoning kids by promoting neurotoxic fruits containing free gallic acid - raspberries, blackberries and elderberries - but now this is obviously not enough for them and vaccines are also used to damage kids health. Neutrotoxic raspberries/blackberries are today the most common natural cause of vision impairments, scoliosis, allergies and leucemias in kids.  

This is how looks natural maleic (maleic - not malic!) acid resin:

and this is a natural amber resin containing succinic acid:

So how to remove the deposits of synthetic cross-linked (dried up) resins and / or fruit polyesters from the nervous tissue of a child poisoned with a toxic vaccine "preserved" with maleinates or succinates or toxic fruits containing free gallic acid? 

that is ...

How to cure autism, allergies, bloating, atopic dermatitis, epilepsy, nervous palsy and dozens of other diseases caused by medicine and pharmacy cheaters using natural and synthetic poisons (raspberries, blackberries and preservatives in vaccines - containing crosslinking resins - maleic, succinic, gallic, etc.) and drying oils (linseed oil, hemp oil) used in supplements?

Damage to the nervous system of the child and the entire range of neurological and physiological symptoms occurs when he/she is poisoned with a substance capable of cross-linking in tissues with lactic acid. The preservatives injected with the vaccines are one component of the two-component adhesive - while the other (lactic acid) is naturally in tissues.

In order to dissolve the deposits of polyesters, resins and drying oils (polyunsaturated marketed as omega-3) deposited in children's brains, you should use an aromatic carboxylic acid, which is not itself to cross-link and create deposits. Such acids are e.g. salicylic acid or benzoic acid.

The natural source of salicylates is, as you probably know, willow wood (Salix in Latin) and not, as pharmacy cheaters say, willow bark which is full of toxic tannins! Traditionally, salicylates are extracted with very diluted (1-2%) alcohol from bark-free willow wood as salicylate poorly dissolve in water alone.
Of course no alcohol should be given to kids! 

Pharma criminals are spreading false information that salicylates harm vaccine-injured people to make sure they do not get proper, causal treatment. They recommend a non-salicylate diet, which is a pure nonsense as there are no foods containing salicylates at all. The only easily available natural source of salicylates is willow wood!

Pharma suggests to avoid salicylates claiming that they are the reason why really toxic fruits which in fact contain i.a. toxic gallic acid like raspberries and blackberries worsen neurological state of vaccine injured people. The lie is extremely insolent and harmful as salicylates dissolve the poisons which are in these fruits.

To sum up - contrary to false and harmful information spread by pharma criminals - there are no salicylates in raspberries/blackberries - but there is a strongly neurotoxic free gallic acid in them that quite naturally causes vision damages, scoliosis, allergies and leukemia. Salicylates are naturally found in willow wood - not in any available foods.
In the case of children, a very low and precise dosage is very important - because too high dose will cause so-called salicylic (aspirin) asthma. Doses less than 8 mg / kg / day (4mg/lb/day) are low enough and safe. Precise dosing provides a regular, non-coated aspirin without any additives. The 325 or 500mg regular tablet should be well dissolved in 200ml water - and appriopriate amount of solution used (in the case of 500mg tablet the solution contains 500mg/200ml=2.5mg/ml). A 30kg person should not get more than 30kg*8mg/kg=240mg a day which is 96ml of the 2.5mg/ml solution.

The so called Reye's syndrome is just an intensive secondary poisoning of what aspirin is dissolving. If the pace of dissolving deposits in nerve tissue is low - adverse reactions are limited and harmless. Proper (non-poisoned with additives) aspirin is not toxic at all - any adverse effects are caused by what is dissolved in tissues. This is why dosages must be low and if fever occurs aspirin must be ceased until fever ends. Pharma uses fear to make people vaccinated and uses fear to make sure they are not cured. Kids get out of autism and palsies because deposits in their brains are slowly dissolved. Allergy business disappears when people understand that non-poisoned with additives aspirin cleans their neural tissue thus removing allergies.

More about aspirin here: https://medical-lies.blogspot.com/2019/02/aspirin-universal-antidote-for-many.html
Aspirin must be regular, non-coated, without any unnecessary and harmful additives! Zinc palmitate in coated aspirin (eg aspirin pro) are two poisons in one, both (tallow and zinc) destroy nerve tissue! Crystalline cellulose damages nerve tissue as well!

At a dose of maximum 8 mg / kg / day (4mg/ lb / day), resin deposits should be removed from the nervous tissue within ca. 3-4 months. The dose must be very small - because flowing resin deposits can cause neurological symptoms resulting from secondary poisoning - including fever and asthma-like symptoms (so-called aspirin-induced asthma) - which disappear spontaneously. When fever occurs aspirin should be ceased and restarted only after fever passes. 

During the process of dissolving resin and polyester deposits one should include as much unheated (!) butter as possible in your diet. The butter contains high-grade alcohols that dissolve certain types of polyesters and resins, which speeds up the process of removing the decaying residues of the deposits from nerve tissue. Butter should not be heated above body temperature (!), because the alcohols evaporate (which smells beautiful) but the butter loses its healing properties!

It is good to have milk proteins in the stomach at the time of aspirin - blocking the absorption of gluten as all organic acids increase its absorption. This recommendation applies to any sour food, whether it is blueberries, strawberries or tomatoes - always milk, cheese or cream for sour foods to block the absorption of gluten with milk proteins (casein).

To sum up - first milk proteins and then an appropriate size of plain, non-coated aspirin without any toxic additives. Do not increase the daily dose, as this will result in faster removal of polyester deposits from inter-neuronal spaces and symptoms of secondary poisoning!

All cardio/baby aspirins contain a set of toxic ingredients - they are designed to harm not to cure people!

List of some toxic ingredients commonly found in wrong aspirins:
- waxes
- methacrylic acid
- ethyl acrylate
- microcrystalline cellulose (cutting tissues)
- shellac, cochineal (resin)
- croscarmellose salts (eg sodium)
- sterynate, palmitynates (tallow)
- zinc salts (damage metabolism)

Some vaccines with toxic resins revealed in their inserts: 
Influenza (Fluarix Tetra) - α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate
Influenza (Flulaval) - α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate
Pneumococcal (PCV13 – Prevnar 13) - succinic acid buffer

I get plenty of hateful and aggressive reactions from people with medical background claiming that succinic acid is safe as it is allegedly part of human metabolism. Medicine is a craft (not a science!) based on many false axioms making its people stupid and aggressive when confronted with truth and reality. Resins damage tissues - and nerve tissue is the most vulnerable - no matter how many lies you were taught to be able to poison people!

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